Free Up Some Possibilities

With Verizon Cloud Storage, you can securely store, access and protect all your non-transactional data in the cloud — where you want, the way you want and for as long as you want — all from a single management console.

Rapid Storage Elasticity

​Set up your account online in minutes. Gain instant access to advanced storage capabilities and worldwide scale on day one. The high-performance, enterprise-class and object-based Verizon Cloud Storage offers data accessibility in a pay-as-you-go model. We’ve invested in the best cloud storage platform so you don’t have to develop and maintain your own.

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​Your data — your most valuable corporate asset — is available when you need it most. Verizon Cloud Storage is designed to achieve data durability of 99.999999999%. This re-envisioned platform is the perfect cloud storage option for your needs. Choose from two basic cloud storage policies for each bucket you create: locally redundant or geographically redundant. Both offer the same levels of data durability and are designed to sustain up to seven simultaneous disk failures. The geographically redundant option, however, helps protect your stored data from a single data center outage for disaster tolerance.

Security and Control

​Verizon Cloud Storage delivers strong data security to support you in protecting your data and addressing your security compliance goals. Built from the ground up, Verizon’s trusted security foundations are integrated into the platform. Innovative technologies and recent software algorithms deliver the capability to confidently store data in the place of your choosing.

Massively Connected

​Leverage Verizon’s massive global network connectivity to access your data from virtually anywhere in the world via consistent high-speed connections. For even more control and efficiencies, connect Verizon Cloud Compute to your storage in the same data center with three or less clicks, or seamlessly extend your local network environment into your cloud storage through your Verizon IP network.

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