A Smarter Cloud Is an Efficient One

Because we operate one of the largest IT infrastructures in the world, Verizon recognizes the enormous responsibility of reducing our effects on the global environment. Our strict policies and progressive initiatives are aimed at conserving energy and reducing waste. And it’s working. In 2007 alone, Verizon reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by an estimated 75,000 metric tons.

Here are just a few of the ways we’re working to make Verizon green cloud computing energy efficient:

  • Renewable Energy– We’re always looking for new ways to help conserve energy and reuse available resources. That includes testing alternatives like solar power, fuel cells and micro turbines. Today there are 26 Verizon cell sites operating in the United States that are partially powered by renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind.
  • Innovative Technology– Building a smarter cloud means making it more efficient. That means investing in the best new technologies — like ultra-long haul (ULH) network transmission that extend the reach of light beam signals.
  • Green Data Center Initiatives– In 2009, we developed new energy consumption standards on select telecom equipment with a goal of increasing efficiency by 20 percent. Since then, we’ve improved cooling efficiency and reduced consumption in our premium data centers, and we’ve encouraged our vendors to adopt their own energy standards.
  • Leadership– Verizon is active in programs such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and the Global eSustainability Initiative (GeSI). We also promote real estate consolidation, fleet management, recycling and waste management.

Efficiency of a Large Data Center
with the Right Balance of Energy

​Whether you deploy one server or 10,000, take advantage of the efficiencies of Verizon’s advanced IT infrastructure. An army of engineers ensures that Verizon’s technology provides a stable and high-performance platform for customers’ applications while maintaining the right balance of energy consumption and reducing environmental impact.

  • Reduce and Reuse – Inherent to cloud, the underlying physical infrastructure is constantly repurposed for other tasks. As different applications increase in productivity throughout the day, others ramp down their utilization. Cloud is one of the most efficient ways to repurpose hardware.
  • More Efficient at Scale – Verizon Cloud can scale to handle thousands of virtual machines running concurrently. As the platform grows, efficiency increases and your virtual machines’ environmental impact decreases.

Green Benefits of Virtualization on Verizon Cloud

​Most organizations have an IT infrastructure located in a data center, and servers represent a significant portion of data center energy consumption — 40 percent of the total according to the EPA. Servers can be inefficient — the average runs around 8 to 15 percent CPU utilization, yet uses roughly the same power as it would running at full load. Server virtualization is key in the quest to right-size computing infrastructure and reducing power consumption. Green data centers can effectively run multiple workloads on the same physical server or across physical servers, achieving consolidation ratios typically in the 10:1 range, increasing server utilization upward of 70 percent. With the launch of its Infinistructure® platform in 2005, Verizon Terremark was an early pioneer in providing managed services on virtualized infrastructure. Today the Verizon green cloud computing platform provides the benefits and efficiencies of virtualization to any IT department. Key benefits include:

  • Power Efficiency– Realize energy savings reduced emissions for each server virtualized.
  • Clustered Architecture– Extend the useful lifespan of each physical server with clustered architecture, greatly reducing waste.
  • Greater Computing Power in Less Space– Increase data center efficiency significantly with virtualization that offers more computing power and efficiency in less space.

Green Data Center Construction,
the Foundation of Verizon Cloud

​Verizon incorporates energy-efficient strategies into the design, construction and operation of its data centers. These elements include:


  • Cooling-optimized Floor Layout – Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling tunes hot and cold air distribution on the data center floor. By segregating hot and cold air, the cooling system on the data center floor works more efficiently, conserving energy needed to cool the equipment.
  • Right-sized Physical Infrastructure – Reduce the number of fixed energy losses associated with infrastructure components — whether an IT load is present or not. Verizon designs and operates modular UPS plants that maintain near-full loading as the data center grows. This right-sizing strategy help improve energy efficiency, allows for growth and expansion and provides an uninterruptible power supply system that operates efficiently at full load.


  • Efficient UPS Systems – In contrast to traditional battery UPS design, flywheel-based UPS systems require no cooling and consume far less space, yielding a more energy-efficient design.
  • In-row/In-line Cooling Systems – Verizon places air conditioning systems as close as possible to the source of heat in a closed-loop system. This dramatically reduces inefficiencies and overall power consumption.


  • Free Cooling – Using the external air temperature to assist in chilling water can provide additional energy savings. Verizon employs economizers and dry coolers where environmental conditions permit to limit the number of hours required to run energy-intensive chillers.
  • Low-power-usage Effectiveness (PUE) Ratings – All Verizon data centers report PUE ratings below 2.0. We track these metrics continuously and strive to lower these ratings through improved green data center design and operation.

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