Built by Verizon. Perfected by You.

The goal was simple: Build a new cloud for the next generation of businesses — one that gives you the power to configure without compromise.

On Verizon Cloud, you can dial-in performance to match your parameters. You can reach deep into the infrastructure and configure hardware in real-time. You can set quality of service on storage and network throughput. And you can be confident knowing you can get reliable performance for any kind of application.

Verizon Built, Verizon Controlled

​Verizon soared beyond simple orchestration of off-the-shelf virtualization components when it re-imagined its cloud computing technology. Using Verizon-developed software, the company automated the infrastructure for unmatched performance control.

  • API and Source Code Access to Hardware– With access to every hardware component, Verizon has automated provisioning, monitoring, management and break-fix through software. This cloud computing technology helps control costs, reduce errors and increase agility.
  • Designed for Scale– Gone are capacity constraints and scaling issues. Verizon built a platform with an expansive footprint that could easily scale to support thousands of customers and virtual machines.

Ground-Breaking Cloud Architecture

Verizon Cloud technology sets a new standard for cloud platforms. Its industry-leading architecture incorporates revolutionary features that are only available on Verizon Cloud, and it handles any workload around the globe.

  • Massive Flat Layer 2 Network – All virtual machines reside on the massive Layer 2 network that spans the Verizon Cloud global infrastructure, making migrations and deployment easy.
  • Hardware Simplicity – The entire cloud infrastructure consists of two components — server chassis and network switches. Simplifying this underlying cloud technology makes it much easier to deploy and operate virtual machines and provides a stable platform for your valuable assets.
  • Redundant Platform – A cloud is only as resilient as the underlying hardware. From the redundant power and network feeds into the data center to the redundant power supplies, fans and interconnects on the server chassis, the platform is highly redundant. So redundant, the system can sustain failure to any subsystem while keeping your virtual machines up and running.
  • Automated Resource Placement and Balancing – As users deploy virtual machines, the platform determines the best placement for the performance you need. Over time the system continuously monitors utilization levels and auto-balances the platform to maintain performance.
  • Disks Shared Across VMs – Unique to Verizon Cloud, multiple virtual machines can share a single virtual disk. This enables users to set up database clustering in the cloud without additional hardware.
  • Enterprise-Grade, Object-Based Storage – Verizon Cloud Storage provides a simple storage platform to write, read and delete objects across a highly secure and resilient global storage platform.

Predictable, RELIABLE Performance

Configure and manage specific network and storage performance profiles through the user interface — a feature unique to Verizon Cloud.

  • Network Throughput – Deploy each virtual network interface (NIC) on a virtual machine with throughput configurable from 10Mbps up to 500 Mbps.
  • Storage IOPS – Deploy each disk with a default of 100 IOPs. For the most demanding applications, configure an individual disk with up to 5,000 IOPs.

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