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Your business can have a global presence and enterprise-class performance in a matter of minutes. By the end of 2014, Verizon Cloud will have seven deployments around the world, with more coming online in 2015. Simply open the user interface, deploy a server and storage to any of our locations – and your business just went global.

Scale Globally

​The presence of online applications has never been more important, and application response times can mean the difference between winning a customer’s business or losing it. Build an affordable prototype in a single location. Scale it as your business grows. Improve your application’s performance and customers’ overall user experience. Verizon Cloud has the scalable cloud technology and global infrastructure services you need.


Verizon Cloud provides global infrastructure services with points of presence in major availability region, so you can deploy highly available enterprise applications with ease.

Verizon Cloud Compute Availability Regions Verizon Cloud Storage Availability Regions
North America North America
Santa Clara, California - Planned for 2014 Santa Clara, California - Planned for 2014
Englewood, Colorado - Planned for 2014 Englewood, Colorado - Planned for 2014
Culpeper, Virginia Culpeper, Virginia
Miami, Florida - Planned for 2014
Europe Europe
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Planned for 2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Planned for 2014
London, England - Planned for 2014 London, England - Planned for 2014

The Data Center Matters

​A scalable cloud is only as stable and secure as the data center where it is located. Verizon Cloud has a robust foundation, supported by Verizon’ s internationally recognized top-tier data centers.

North America

  • Miami, Florida – Verizon Cloud’s Miami deployment is housed in Verizon’s flagship facility, the NAP of the Americas® — one of the most significant telecommunications projects in the world. This Tier IV facility is a purpose-built, carrier-neutral Network Access Point and a world-class facility specifically designed to link Latin America with the rest of the world. It is the unrivaled gateway to the Americas, switching the traffic bound to more than 148 countries in the world. Facility features:
    • Purpose-built 750,000-square-foot data center
    • Tier IV facility with N+2 power and cooling infrastructure
    • Designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane
  • Culpeper, Virginia – Strategically located 60 miles from Washington, DC, in Culpeper, Virginia, the NAP of the Capital Region (NCR) opened in June 2008 as one of the most secure and technologically sophisticated data center facilities in the eastern United States. Its groundbreaking design meets the needs of today’s power, space and bandwidth-intensive applications. Facility features:
    • Designed to exceed the Uptime Institute’s Tier III requirements
    • Provides microwave and RF shielding, a requirement of federally operated buildings
    • Uses state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems with the latest advances in pre-action water technology
    • Final build-out will feature five 50,000-square-foot buildings and six 100,000-square-foot buildings for a total of 850,000 square feet of raised floor space
  • Santa Clara, California – This world-class data center campus — located in the heart of Silicon Valley — is engineered to exceed industry standards. It provides numerous advantages through its infrastructure and connectivity to major carriers. Facility features:
    • 95,000-square-foot facility with 12 carriers on site
    • N+1 HVAC and electrical infrastructure
    • Zone 4 earthquake-certified building
  • Englewood, Colorado – This facility is centrally located in the United States to serve application content from a single location quickly anywhere within the U.S. or abroad. Facility features:
    • 107,000-square-foot carrier-neutral facility
    • N+1 HVAC and electrical infrastructure


  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – The NAP of Amsterdam is designed with the environment in mind, providing a target PUE of less than 1.5 in addition to meeting high power resiliency requirements. The NAP of Amsterdam is one of the most connected facilities in the region, with direct access to Tier I carriers and global businesses:
    • Directly connected to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), one of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges with more than 350 members
    • Connected to a global network of Tier I carriers via Verizon Terremark’s Managed Routing Service platform
    • Located on the Schiphol fiber ring, providing direct connectivity to the 500 global businesses located within the grounds of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Facility features:
      • 29,000 square-foot of raised floor with additional capacity for 107,000 additional square feet
      • Tier III 2N+1 power architecture
      • Direct connection to Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX)
  • London, England – Verizon’s London UK5 data center is strategically located in the financial capital of the world. This provides a second European location for Verizon Cloud with an ideal presence for applications that need a global presence and high performance in Western Europe. Facility features:
    • 59,000 square feet of raised floor
    • N+1 HVAC and electrical infrastructure
    • Carrier-neutral facility

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